Any Large Headpiece Rental above $500


Any Large Headpiece Rental above $500

from 100.00 every month

Rent any headpiece in the shop for an entire month! What is your next incarnation?

Rental Conditions for Large Headpieces:

1. Please return it on time (before the 30 day period is up)

2. Pick up and drop off are done mainly through shipping it from and back to kova by sascha headquarters in NJ. Use an included return USPS postage for that.

You can also pick it up and drop off from our showroom in Monclair, NJ located at:

20 Walnut Parkway,

Montclair, NJ


3. If you are over 2 weeks late to return it, there will be $10 charge per day in late fees.

4. If the crown is broken beyond repair or lost, you are responsible for 70% of the retail cost. 

5. If you are outside the New York Tri State or Northern New Jersey area we would need a deposit of 100% of the retail cost of a headpiece. It is reimbursed to you in full when we get it back.

6. ***For all Burning Man rentals we will be taking deposits for 100% of the retail cost. You will get it back when the headpiece is returned.

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