Sascha created my “Warrior Mohawk” for my second burn in 2017 on a very short notice. She custom designed it for my exact head measurements and had it shipped to my home with plenty of time to coordinate the head piece with my Burning Man costumes. The “Warrior Mohawk” even arrived with a beautiful hand written note from Sascha thanking me for supporting her art. The second I walked onto the Playa in this head piece I was treated as though I were a Greek Goddess and felt as she said I would “like a breathing walking piece of art”. I was stopped every five minutes by artists, strangers, photographers, supermodels, and treated with so much love, many compliments as well as requests for photos. This crown is so light and airy and absolutely transformed my Burn. Thank you, and I will continue to support your art!
— Margaux, Los Angeles, CA

The pieces by this powerful creatrix are simply masterpieces. Comfortable, stunning, well made and spirited. Once you put them on you cannot but embody the vibration of a true warrioress.
— Mia, New York, NY

The crown is magnificent!
I’m in love 😍💫
Thank you for your truly amazing Goddess
Creations and Magic.
— Shivani, New York, NY

I’m absolutely in love with my “Golden Hour Crown.” I got it for Burning Man, but now that I’m back from the burn I want to find every excuse to wear it. Thank you, Sascha, for putting so much love into this piece! I feel like a true queen in it :)
— Olivia, New York, NY

I purchased a beautiful headpiece that I saw on the kova by sascha website. I am not a model, and I will never be in a magazine but I saw it and it inspired me. I saw myself enjoying Mother Nature and sitting under a beautiful full moon surrounded by my vibrant flowers in my Garden. Thank you Sascha for creating for me a beautiful way to indulge in a moment of whimsy. To feel like a queen if only for a day made me happy. But i’m sure that I will wear it more than once. The head piece is not only so pretty but I feel like it’s custom made for me because you took the time to inquire about what color I wanted and if there was anything more I would like on it. We discussed paint and for me glitter needed to be added. It’s lightweight and yet very solid. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. Your designs are true artistry.
Thank you so much
— M Reyes, New York, NY

Such beautiful and unique headpieces. I absolutely am in love with my piece and can’t wait for my next creation from Sascha <3
— Frankie, New York, NY