The Best You Ever. How to be authentic.

You are beautiful. When was the last time you told yourself this? Far too many times we wait for someone else to tell us that we are beautiful. We wait for others to validate who we are – inside and out – before we decide what kind of people we are. We are beautiful. It’s time we started telling ourselves that we are amazing. That is the first step on the road of being your true authentic self.

Be True to You

Prioritize. Life throws us many challenges. There are hurdles at work, our family and friends face health concerns, and there are struggles beyond our control. When you put these priorities in order, you’ll see the important stuff rise to the top. All of the other external negative nudges get put in their places – the back of the line.

Make sure to include yourself in your list of priorities. You matter and you need to take care of yourself. When you’re healthy and content you’ll be able to reach your own dreams and help others around you – those other important people on your list of priorities – to live their best lives. Just imagine the incredible feeling of being surrounded with people who believe in themselves and believe in you. Like winning the lottery – only better!

Talk to yourself. The words you use when you talk to yourself matter. If you wake up in the morning and tell yourself that you are frumpy and boring – guess what you’ll feel like? The voice and the language you use for yourself internally becomes what others see on the outside. If you want others to see your beautifulness – inner and outer – remind yourself each day of all the things that make you wonderful. You’ll start feeling it and believing it yourself.

OK – before you say but there isn’t anything beautiful about me­ – take a deep breath. You can do that, right? You’re breathing – you’re alive – you’re beautiful. Just think of any flower in the garden. Their life gives them splendor. From the tiny delicate blue ones (don’t ask me to name them – I just enjoy their colors!) to the robust orange and pink petals that tell us summer is really – finally – here, all of the flowers contribute to the garden. Their beauty is in their vibrant blooms. You are blooming, too. Just keep telling yourself that.

Listen to yourself. The message you tell yourself is extremely important, but so are the messages you tell others. You tell them what to expect from you. And you can do this without even saying a word. You know that dress in the back of the closet that makes you feel confident? When you wear it you exude confidence. When you walk into a room are your eyes cast to the ground or do you smile and make eye contact, showing off that dimple or hint of mischievous charm? Show the world what you’re made of – and they’ll believe you.

Your own positive voice is not the only one you need to hear. You need to listen to the negative words – those that you make about others. We’ve all done it. Whether we were feeling insecure about our own bodies or envious of the way she wore that outfit we couldn’t image fitting into that way. We’ve been judgmental. And we need to stop. Nothing makes our faces and our spirits more unattractive than when we pass judgment on others. Women are sometimes the cruelest community when it comes to other women. So let’s stop worrying about her closet and her hairdresser. Let’s look at us and that insane way we dance, the grace we extend to our friends, and our authentic selves. We are beautiful.

- Yours Truly,