The Green Revolution in Fashion - And How You Can be a Part of it

You’ve probably heard the buzz words – organic, sustainable, eco-friendly – and we’ll add green to that list. All of these are supposed to conjure up ideas of saving the planet, and the fashion world is joining the ranks of those trying to give Mother Earth a helping hand.

But the merger of fashion and forward-environmental-thinking is not always easy and not always comfortable – like that favorite pair of jeans. When some people think of green fashion they start getting itchy. They might even feel a sneeze coming on. They envision themselves wearing green – literal plant pants. Perhaps instead of a belt you’ve got a vine wrapped awkwardly around your middle. Before your hay fever allergies kick into high gear step out of the bark body suit and take a new look at the green revolution in fashion.

At Kova By Sascha the green revolution is not about making you uncomfortable for the sake of the planet. It is about finding a way to give you the fashion you desire without negatively making your mark on the earth. Our goal is to provide elite, unique fashion that is sustainable and earth friendly. We work every day to meet this goal by taking a comprehensive approach that addresses several aspects of the industry.

We take the remnants of fabrics used by some of the most popular fashion designers and use these fabric pieces for some of our own projects. Because we work on an intimate scale with our clients, creating one-of-a-kind pieces, we can make the most of this otherwise discarded fabric, and we know that the quality can’t compare. If you’re trying to make your closet a bit more environmentally friendly, ask your designers and supplies how they are getting their materials.

As a design house, we only make enough production to satisfy the orders we get, so you won’t find a truckload of our surplus driving around somewhere looking for a home. When designers like us make clothes that serve the needs of clients, there is no worry about wasted products, production hours or marketing. There is a healthy balance of supply and demand.

We also make sure to support local factories and contractors. When industries reduce transportation costs, they reduce fuel consumption, road congestion, and air pollution. We also support other local contractors, meaning we know who is creating products and what industry standards they are following.

Education is not just for kids – it’s part of an evolving industry. It is in part our goal to educate the fashion district contractors on the ways they can market themselves and about new developments in the industry. Working with emerging designers we are helping those new to the fashion industry to make sustainable choices. We’re learning from each other all of the time and helping to make sure that the choices we are all making as a community have eco-friendly results.

Where our fibers come from matters to us, and how we are going to use those fibers makes a difference. We source all of our materials with a focus on responsibility – to our clients, community, industry, and environment.

We mostly use natural fibers, not polyester or other synthetics. Our designs are not cookie cutter fashion pieces, so we can’t and won’t just use a run of the mill fabric. But don’t worry – just because we’re using natural fibers with a focus on green fashion doesn’t mean you’re going to be wearing rough burlap. Remember those quality remnants we acquire from high end fashion designers? Whether we are seeking surplus or hand-selecting locally produced fabrics, our world-view approach means that our clients get fibers that help create garments that not only look amazing, but won’t leave you cringing with guilt over the production and acquisition of the fabric. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for a positive and sustainable impact. When we all as an industry and community start to pay attention to where the pieces of our lives come from – whether those are the evening dresses in our closets or the cars we drive – we can make sure we’re headed in the right direction.