"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest of them all?" On Looks and Love.

Looks and Love – Dating a Supermodel

We love to look at them. We love to imagine what it would be like to walk the catwalk with them. But what is it really like to date a supermodel? Sure – we think of the glorious fashion, breathtaking stares, poses, and perfect struts every second of the day. However, before you start to complete your dating application, get to know what it is like to date these seemingly super-humans.

Age Isn’t Just a Number

Their ages are significantly tied to their careers. In fact, there are probably no other career paths so significantly tied to age as the profession of supermodel. The mid teen years mark the beginning of the journey (especially for women), and by their mid-twenties they are looking toward the decline of their modeling careers. Those guys might start a bit later and have a few more “good” years on them, but rare is the 30+ supermodel of any gender who continues to grace both the catwalk and the glamour magazine cover.

All this focus on age is stressful. Imagine you’re a computer programmer and while you might learn more as you further your career, you can’t get a computer upgrade. When you’re outdated your career has to change. So if you’re dating a supermodel, be prepared for the challenges and stresses they go through as they have to reevaluate their career paths. There will be anxiety, insecurity and the need for reassurance, and all the not-so-fun emotions that go with a mid-life crisis only halfway through your mid-life.

Sure – a select few can take their modeling days and move toward fashion and other careers. Cindy Crawford, Cheryl Tiegs, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, and Naomi Campbell are just a few examples of supermodels turned super-businesswomen. But these transitions take time and can take a toll on personal relationships.

Social Upgrade to First Class

OK – so there will be anxiety and stress transitioning through the modeling career. But there are perks, right? If you’re on the arm of a supermodel, chances are you are getting to the head of the line at the club, restaurant, and even the airport. Maybe it will even encourage you to up your own game. You’ll find yourself buying better clothes, paying more attention to trends, and having the confidence that must come with strangers falling in love with you at first sight.

Job Skills Reality Check

Be ready for a job skill reality check if you’re dating a supermodel. Just like authors and actors, they are paid by the gig. This means they could have a fantastic financial boom in spring, but not see a comparable paycheck for many more months. They have to learn to balance their budgets – even as insanely enviable as they may be – because runway gigs come and go faster than fashion trends. Dating a supermodel who is less than talented with finances can put you on a spending roller coaster.

Models also have to deal with the reality check of wearing their work, 24/7. Think of a chef who always has to be prepared to serve a fantastic meal. Supermodels are expected to look like magazine covers all the time. While you might love knowing that the special someone on your arm just always looks hot – be OK with a little Saturday morning bead-head, sweatpants wearing kind of day. And who are we kidding? That is still probably better than most of us look on a good day.

Dating a supermodel has its obvious perks. Hopefully those on their arms are in it for more than just the looks – because gravity, time, illness, and luck (good or bad) are not reserved for the other 99% of society.