How to Own Less Clothing and Still Be Uber Stylish

Let’s admit it – we all have probably daydreamed of extravagant walk-in closets overflowing with all of the latest fashion trends. We can imagine swimming through those cute spring dresses, pants in every color, and shoes and bags enough to outfit a small country. But before we drown in that daydream it’s time for a reality check. Owning less clothing can actually be freeing – and you can be uber stylish in the process.

Why Would I Want Less Clothing?

Well, for many, clothing budgets can apply a painful squeeze. The more we can save on our wardrobes, the more we have for the rest of life’s necessities. So the obvious answer would be that less clothing equals more money. But it goes far beyond that simple equation.

We’re in a world of consumerism and that is what drives at the heart of the fashion world. But the problem is when our focus becomes more, more, more for our closets. Our focus should really be quality, style, function.

·       Quality fashion is produced by quality designers with production standards we feel good about – not shape-shifting t-shirts made by someone paid way too little. Quality fashion also means that the garment will withstand our repeated wearing, and we’re going to feel good when we step out the door.

·       Style is an all-encompassing way to describe the way a garment makes us look and feel. It is different from trend, in that it doesn’t come and go so quickly. Stylish pieces are often slightly more subtle and they are the cornerstones of our wardrobes.

·       Function is not just about being able to run the stairs at work or slip through the subway doors without getting snagged on every corner. Function is how the garment works in our wardrobe. A piece that functions should walk into your closet and say, “Hello team. Nice to meet you. Let’s create some fabulous looks.” It’s not the loner jacket that always seems one hanger away from the Good Will donation bag.

In other words, when you focus on quality, style, and function, you in turn let less clothing do the work of more. And you save money, closet space, and wardrobe headaches in the process.

How Can My Small Wardrobe Bring Big Style?

So you’re thinking it’s time to evaluate your wardrobe and make a concerted effort to bring sexy back without buying every trend on the market. There are some things you need to do to make sure that this refined closet makes your life easier and doesn’t rob your style in the process.

·       Invest in quality clothing. It will last longer and look better. There is just no real point in grabbing 10 tees from the clearance rack if they’re going to shrivel by next week.

·       Take the time to care for your clothes. This means read the labels, ask the designers about the fibers, and make sure you’re using the right fabric soaps.

·       Create a capsule wardrobe.

What is a capsule wardrobe? It is all about that quality, style, and function. First brought to the fashion world in the 70s by Susie Faux, it is the idea that we consciously consider collecting specific items of clothing that are stylish – not trendy pieces that will quickly go out of style. To build your capsule wardrobe:

·       Pick a basic color scheme that goes with your complexion and reflects your general personal preferences and needs. Common options for base colors include black, white, tan, gray, and navy, and you should look for your dresses, suits, etc. in these tones.

·       Pick an accent color (or two) that work with your base color. Use this accent color for things like tops and accessories.

·       Look for shades of your base colors when selecting things like jackets and handbags so they will easily match the rest of your combinations.

·       Look for classic shapes that flatter your body. When you feel good about the shape of the garment, you’re going to get more wear from the piece.

·       Do all of these above steps with quality in mind. You’re building a foundation for your wardrobe and you want it to last.

Building a capsule wardrobe and minimizing your closet doesn’t mean you have to forget about fun trends. Check out pieces by emerging designers, especially for those extra things like accessories or little fun tops. A great way to get unique additions is through places like Etsy. Adding a few of these pieces to your foundation wardrobe gives it that extra touch to make your look – you.