Be a Fashion Rule Breaker

If you’ve heard any rule about fashion you’ve probably heard the one about the danger zone you enter if you dare to wear white after Labor Day. Hopefully by now you’ve accepted the fact that you won’t burst into flames if you wear a gorgeous white sweater this winter. That fashion myth actually gets its roots from the 1800s when the rich wore white – because they could – and the rich wrote the rules.

It’s time to get over the fashion myths and rules that just don’t make sense. It’s time to embrace that fashion sense that helps us look and feel our best every time we walk out the door.

7 Fashion Myths It’s Time to Bust

Are you ready to shake up and wake up your closet? Let’s get rid of some fashion myths and set your wardrobe free.

Myth #1 – You can’t mix prints.

Busted.  Single prints can give you classic looks, but mixing prints can take you from sleek evening glam to street savvy. If you’re not sure you’re ready to dive into the “dangers” of mixing prints, start small. Use a colored print for your top, and then a neutral print for your belt, shoes, bag, or other accessory. Neutral prints like leopard can add that sassy extra your outfit has been waiting for all along.

Myth #2 – Metallics are only for evenings.

The truth is that shiny works during the day, too. If you’ve thought that you can only wear that sparkly headband or carry that flashy bag after dark, forget that myth. Whether it is a metallic wrap or splash of sequins – take them out to lunch with you next time. Throw on some sparkly sneakers when you’re hanging out with your girlfriends for the afternoon or pair some diamonds with a dark denim.

Myth #3 – You can’t pair black and navy.

This myth is born from those who dress in the dark. You know the ones. They show up in a variety of shades so close together that you can’t tell if the navy jacket is just a well-worn, originally black jacket. You can wear black and navy together. Just be sure that the shades don’t make the other one look worn and faded.

 Myth #4 – You can’t wear denim and denim.

There is a difference between looking like you are wearing a denim jumpsuit from decades past and pairing denims that play off of each other. You can find lots of great washes of denim. Try pairing a cute dark denim jacket with a washed out skirt.

Myth #5 – You can’t wear long skirts if you are short.

The truth is that wearing clothing that fits well is so much more important than paying attention to this worn out rule. If you’re shorter than 5’6” and have always skipped the long dress racks – go back and take a longer look. Pay attention to the fit and maybe even get a tailor or designer to help you wear the style you have always wanted to but were afraid to try.

Myth #6 – You are one size.

This hampers too many shoppers as they see the numbers on the rack and head to their zone. The trouble is – we give up too many style options if we limit ourselves to only one size on the label. There are a variety of factors that contribute to size differences in clothing – fabrics, designer nuances, and more. If you like a piece of clothing but it isn’t in “your size”, try on the other sizes, especially if it is from a new designer or in a store where you haven’t shopped before now.

Myth #7 – You have to follow fashion rules.

Busted – in a big way. Fashion is about more than just what the models are wearing on the runway. It is about how you feel when you get dressed. If your clothing doesn’t make you feel good – it’s not going to magically transform how others see you either. Don’t be afraid to break some fashion rules. Unlike haircuts and tattoos, you can hit the do-over button with your wardrobe every day.