A Unique Perspective in Thriving in America

Rapidly changing retail models have forced many boutique owners to rethink their sourcing strategies. Communication barriers and factory shutdowns cause delays in shipments that can mean loss of profit due to missed in-store deadlines. “Manufacturer” simply describes someone who makes goods and articles to sell, but manufacturing has nothing to do with quality, price, quantity, equipment, factories, size, sales figures, or location. Kova by Sascha creates one-of-a-kind designs that demonstrate impressive creativity, cover transitional seasons well, and will generate profits even in the worst of times.

What Does Made in America Mean?

One of the key draws for keeping the manufacturing process at home is quality control. Fast turnaround times for fabrications, inputs, and samples are possible without the need for international shipping time delays. Spec sheets and contact interaction is not subjected to time zones and communication barriers, making production go quickly and smoothly. In some cases, the cost of doing business in the U.S. is slightly higher than in other garment manufacturing countries, but this is balanced by the lack of import and customs fees that add to the price of the garment and diminish profits. Time delays which cost man hours are virtually eliminated. Many consumers relate “Made in America” with quality and are willing to pay for it. Small manufacturers such as Kova by Sascha can compete in value with the best and largest manufacturers and do not have to compete down in price.

Here are some surprising facts about America’s Apparel Designer Entrepreneurs.

Did you know that:

  • ** 98% of large manufacturing companies are located outside of the United States. Companies whose physical address is within the country use factories that are in Asia or Central America.
  • Small manufacturers such as Kova by Sascha apparel produce 68% of all U.S. manufactured women’s clothing.
  • The garment industry has been dominated by home based businesses for more than 100 years.
  • Women start 97% of manufacturing companies.

**1992 U.S. Census Data

Kova by Sascha is Made in America 

Sascha Cox is the lead designer and owner of Kova by Sascha, a manufacturer of original designer wholesale ladies apparel. She’s a designer entrepreneur, which means she’s a first generation manufacturer, outsourcing for specific functions and working with local responsible contractors. Kova by Sascha is located in the Manhattan Garment district, and turns out high quality unique garments using the finest quality fabrics from France and Italy.

  • The line consists of dresses, rompers, jumpsuits and cocktail garments made from natural materials that last, including special features such as:
  • Lower cut armholes for comfort and ventilation
  • Linings made from antimicrobial fabrics that wick moisture away from the body typically found in high end sports apparel
  • Linings keep you dry on hot days and warm on cool days
  • Natural, ethically sourced fabrics from sustainable materials

Kova by Sasha is one of the new breed of clothing manufacturers that provides a line that empowers woman to feel comfortable with her sexuality, clothes that have been designed to meet the demands of modern lifestyles. The new line is elegant with classic silhouettes with an edgy twist. In today’s era of ‘fast fashion’, the wearer has the opportunity to create a relationship with the clothes she wears, making sense of her world and experiencing mixed realities with new feminism. Advanced style that’s always “connected” by both history and technology is what kova by sascha is best at, and the portfolio continues to expand with fun flirty silhouettes that are timeless in their design and craftsmanship, with the all important fit that will engage consumers to keep coming back for more.

Small business designer entrepreneurial companies like kova by sascha are at the heart of sound economic growth for U.S. sewn product manufacturing. The resurging industry is relevant and timely, and can help retailers meet challenges created by import regulations. Kova by Sascha embraces quality assurance over sewing, fit, process, and delivery, ensuring every opportunity for your profitability. As the landscape of retail changes, taking an active part in “Made in America” will amplify the voice of the industry and keep your business vibrant during this changing economy.