If you have questions - one of these books would have the answer for you.

2018 was a year of Huge spiritual growth and many transformations for me…

It was also a year where I decided to heal my migraine headaches once and for all and guess what? I did it! The books that you see here are a wealth of knowledge to let go of the emotions that are trapped inside from a traumatic event in the past or addressing diet in the most cutting edge way, - Anthony William is 20 years ahead of science on that. These books had all the answers for me. They are listed not in order they were showing up for me. Start with the one that speaks to you the most. The last one “Law of Attraction” is the Queen of all manifesting Books! It’s the secret behind "The Secret”. If you have any question about any pain/emotion you feel please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email sascha@kovabysascha.com.


- Sascha

  • "Journey of Souls"

    This one took the lid off completely

  • "Inner Bonding"

    This one helped me address the pain of my inner child

  • "Medical Medium"

    Explains the epidemic of mystery diseases we are experiencing now

  • "Letting go"

    Helps to understand emotions and their role on quality of life

  • "Many Lives Many Masters"

    Past life regression therapy explained in real life example

  • "The Universe has your back"

    A book with example of ski high personal growth and easy to use tools to have the same results in your life

  • "Heal Your life"

    Very kind and loving book about the pover of self love in curing any illness

  • "You are Psychic"

    Very powerful exersises of grounding, cleansing energy field, leanring to communicate with guides, stregnthening intuition etc.

  • "Radical Acceptance

    The only book i haven't read yet but it comes highly recommended by my friends

  • "Spontaneous Healing"

    Examples of humans spontaneously overcoming terminal illness. The most effective tools to help your body heal naturally

  • The Law of Attraction