A new breed of women love tribe has emerged. Weekend with the Goddesses.

Opening Ceremony

I’m standing in a large circle of women holding hands for the opening ceremony of the Goddess Solstice Gathering weekend. We are instructed to put hands on the heart chakra to open the heart. I put my hands on the heart and everybody starts humming along a beautiful melody with the leading goddess. My heart suddenly overflows with light, love, color green (for heart chakra) and presence of my mom is so apparent at that moment – I feel and see my mom in all and every woman here. I burst out crying and cannot stop the tears until the end of the ceremony. My friend Persiana hugs me and says: “Let it go. That’s why we are here for…"

I lost my mom to cancer when I was 10 years old and it had a profound effect on my life leaving me scarred and unable of loving for over 15 years.

That’s how my weekend began at the Growing Heart Farm for the gathering of around 100 women to solidify and empower a new nurturing ever-expanding consciousness that is capable of creating Peace, stopping suffering and destruction of Mother Earth and healing our past. 

Women are the driving force to healing pain and suffering and creating a World with compassion, mindfulness, abundance, lots of support and divine love.

No Goddess Left behind is not just a name of the group it’s the credo these women live by. They inspire each others’ sparks and fire and make sure to let each other know that we are the ones responsible for our own spark to go off and grow into a full blown flame. These women are soldiers in love and peace revolution. They know who they are and not afraid to be themselves.

Event put together by NGLB group means that everybody participates whether it is cooking, cleaning, entertaining, vending, setting up, etc. The gathering is basically run by the participants. There is an element of wonder in every workshop – every women puts her own innate creativity into whatever she is creating letting the Goddess inside take over the art. Nobody is held back by fear of being judged or not being worthy enough. Whether it is a poem, singing, playing instruments I’ve never even seen before, aerial dancing, running a fun talent show or creating music entirely with your voice-over recordings. Mind blown. And DJays – girl DJays turn out to be waaaayyy better than male ones. Why? Because they have a sensory perception that few men have. We feel the energy so much better. 

From ‘friendly showers’ with other girls, checking each other for ticks, making sure everybody is taken care of, sharing relationship stories by the fire, dancing like there is no tomorrow, screaming to release build up emotions & stagnant energy; setting up, sharing and packing tents, washing dishes, laughing, sharing potato chips by the fire, singing, cuddling, snuggling, doing each others' makeup to giving and receiving gifts: this event has jumped to the top of the list of gatherings on my radar. Now I know there is a new breed of women walking on and honoring mother Earth where ‘caddy’ is not part of the demeanor or vocabulary whatsoever. I’m now part of the community of ‘goddesses’ and rightfully named so. A social web of love, trust, passion, compassion and support. I love each and every one of you. Thank you for making this weekend so unforgettable and out of this world beautiful. The love will spread like a swarm of bright little fire flies. Ahoy.